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Mobile Services

​Chatteroos Speech Therapy provides mobile therapy services to children and their families in the Southern Highlands.

Chatteroos Speech Therapy is also able to provide Telepractice services (via Skype or Zoom) to clients outside of the local area.


We are able to provide comprehensive assessments with or without a written report. A comprehensive assessment may include the opportunity to observe the child in play with the caregiver.

Assessments are tailored to meet the needs of each child, taking into account their age, developmental level and individual needs. During assessment we observe the child's interactions with the parent or caregiver, play skills, communication and sensory-motor challenges. Standardised speech and language assessments with full report are available on request.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy services can be provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis for durations of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour, dependent on each client's needs. Services can be provided in-home and in daycare, preschool or school consultations can be provided with the agreement of the external setting. 


Chatteroos Speech Therapy is able to provide in-house training sessions for daycare settings, preschools, schools, healthcare professionals and other appropriate settings. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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