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Father and daughter at computer

Chatteroos Speech Therapy provides Telehealth options for therapy intervention for clients near or far.  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the need to provide online Telehealth services is more important than it's ever been in order to keep our clients and community safe and well. We are lucky to live in a world where technology can support us to provide Telehealth services, it's like having your therapist right there in your home! Chatteroos utilises the Zoom online platform to provide services with digital resources to support therapy activities.

What your session might look like:

  • Telepractice call with your child - You will support them to participate in the interaction and activities with the therapist.

  • Telepractice call to coach you with your child - You will engage in play and activities with your child while being supported and coached by the therapist.

  • Telepractice call with you - We will talk about your child’s goals, and how they are progressing. If they are ready to move on to another goal, we will talk about what that will be. If they are not ready, we will talk about strategies to target their current goal and ideas of how to do this at home. We will keep them moving with their program.

Home programs and resources may also be provided to support your child's therapy program and Telehealth sessions.

Contact us to discuss how Telehealth can benefit your child!

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